Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. ~ Thomas A. Edison


Here at the 200 Acres, we give experiences. We educate, we share our family farm, we connect people to the land and to each other. If you want to help us spread this mission, please read on. If it’s not for you, we would love to have you as one of our many valued visitors.

Opportunities To Join Our Team

We are a working farm and bakery. We are not always hiring, but when we are you will find the information here. If you are just looking for a J-O-B, we are not the place for you. Here are the positions we are looking for right now:


2017 Fall Season- Seasonal Employment

It takes an army to pull off our favorite season of the year. We need several enthusiastic, motivated, fun people to help spread the cucurbit love. We are looking for people to work weekdays, weekends, part-time, full-time or anything in between from September 1-October 31. We have positions in pumpkin picking, food service, retail staff and field trips. We work hard, we smile a lot, we answer a ton of questions, but most of all, we help many visitors get an unmatched experience at their favorite fall destination.

We get visitors who drive for several hours to visitors who live down the road, babies getting their first view of the beloved pumpkin to seniors celebrating the diversity of the pumpkins, squash and gourds we work so hard to grow. We get groups of one to groups of one hundred. We treat them all like we want to be treated. We are in the service industry; it is our job to make fall fun! We are a very produce based farm. What does this mean? It means that, if you are chosen to be on our team, you will learn what a cucurbit is (and even how to say it). It also means that if you spell pumpkin P-U-M-K-I-N or P-U-N-K-I-N, you need to look somewhere else for a job. If you say “squarsh” instead of “squash”, keep looking.

Sound like The Great Pumpkin Patch is the place for you? Click here to download an application. Fill it out and bring it to The Great Pumpkin Patch office or The Homestead Bakery.

Summer & Fall Seasonal Baker

Love baked goodness? We do, and we are looking for skilled, seasonal bakers. Some of our made-from-scratch baked goods include: yeast breads, angel food cakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, sweet breads and pies. During pumpkin season (September and October), we bake in two shifts, and we do it at a fast pace. We work really hard and have to be high energy, but we produce a ridiculous amount of baked goodness. The work isn’t always glamorous and fun. Lots of baked goods means lots of dishes. You will be doing them too. If you like early mornings and love the smell of deliciousness, this might be the job for you.

Part-Time Retail Team

The Homestead Bakery is looking for a few outgoing, motivated people to round out our bakery team. You would be engaging customers, closing out sales and keeping the retail space impeccable. If the baked goodness is too much for our bakers to handle, you may be asked to pitch in and package products, label baked goods and do dishes. If you are fun flexible and aren’t afraid to work, this job might be for you!

Want to put your name in the hat to be on The Homestead Bakery team? Click here to download an application. Fill it out and bring it to The Great Pumpkin Patch office or The Homestead Bakery.

Pumpkin Patch Hours
Pumpkin Patch Hours